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Violet Gems Glass Wand ~ DJ2302-08
Glas 4 inch Butt Plug Clear Glass ~ GLAS-140
Glas Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug ~ GLAS-15

Glas Titus Beaded Glass Butt Plug ~ GLAS-20
Honey Dripper Anal Slider ~ GLAS-56
Quintessence Beaded Anal Slider ~ GLAS-69

Glas Pure Indulgence Anal Slider ~ GLAS-83
Icicles No 2 Glass Massager ~ PD2902-00
Icicles No 13 Glass Massager ~ PD2913-00

Icicles No 14 Glass Massager ~ PD2914-00
Icicles No 37 Glass Massager ~ PD2937-00
Icicles No 39 Black Probe ~ PD2939-00

Icicles No 43 Pink Beaded Probe ~ PD2943-00
Icicles No 46 P-Spot Glass Plug Clear ~ PD2946-20
Icicles No 46 P-Spot Glass Plug Black ~ PD2946-23

Icicles No 47 Glass Massagers Beaded Probe ~ PD2947-00
Icicles No 51 Glass Massager Beaded Wand ~ PD2951-00
Icicles No 54 P-Spot Glass Probe ~ PD2954-00

Icicles No 66 Glass Massager Clear ~ PD2966-20
Icicles No 66 Glass Massager Black ~ PD2966-23
Icicles Gold Edition G01 Glass Massager ~ PD2980-27

Icicles Gold Edition G02 Glass Massager ~ PD2981-27
Icicles Gold Edition G03 Glass Massager ~ PD2982-27
Icicles Gold Edition G04 Glass Massager ~ PD2983-27

Icicles Gold Edition G09 Glass Massager ~ PD2988-27
Icicles Gold Edition G10 Glass Massager ~ PD2989-27
Beaded Anal Plug Clear ~ SPGB8C

Param Anal Pleaser ~ XR-AA703
Aum Glass Dildo ~ XR-AC647
Jada Glass P-Spot Anal Plug ~ XR-AD801

Chi Glass P-Spot Massager ~ XR-AE386
Nirvana Cobalt Blue Glass Probe ~ XR-VF792

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